Our crewing agency has a strict Drug and Alcohol Policy which applies to all personnel who may sail or visit the ships of Principals, including those working in the office. Drug and Alcohol misuse continues to be a major health hazard and public safety problem where other people’s lives may be put to risk.



1. To prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse among all personnel boarding the ships, including employees, cadets and utilities as part of our crewing agency’s commitment to the Health and Welfare of its employees, operational safety and the environment.

2. To provide an education program for all seafarers and employees on the dangers and consequences of Drug and Alcohol abuse.



The use, possession, distribution or sale of illegal drugs aboard ships or by crew members on shore leave or by employees at our crewing agency’s premises is totally prohibited.  Misuse of prescribed drugs is also totally prohibited.



On some ships, alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden at all times.

On other ships, alcohol is only allowed in strictly limited quantities and is controlled to ensure that:

  • Consumption is limited to ensure blood/alcohol levels do not exceed the limits set by the shipping company.
  • Consumption is prohibited during working hours and before any scheduled work or watch.

All seafarers, our crewing agency’s employees, cadets and utilities may be subjected to testing and screening for drug and alcohol abuse during pre-joining or pre-employment medical examinations. Random drug and alcohol tests may also occur during seafarer’s employment.

Excessive consumption of alcohol may have serious adverse effects on an individual’s health and his ability to function correctly.  Any person found to have an alcohol problem shall not be employed or re-employed.